Insurance for all your travel needs.

Purchasing travel insurance coverage is an often-overlooked step in planning for an international trip for business, study, or pleasure. But you never know when you may need to cancel a trip or visit a physician overseas in a completely foreign place. Would you know what to do in these situations?

HTH Worldwide has applied years of expertise to bring innovative technology, services, and insurance to international travel, study, and commerce. That is why we at Brouillette Insurance Services recommend HTH for all your travel insurance needs.

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What makes Travel Insurance from HTH unique?

HTH travel insurance programs combine comprehensive, competitively priced insurance products with a new generation of innovative online and mobile medical assistance tools and concierge-level services.

HTH advantages include:

  • Better Benefits – rich coverage with hidden costs
  • Better Service – concierge-level access to the best providers internationally
  • Better Protection – U.S. regulated policies, designed to protect you and your customers

HTH products are exclusively underwritten in the U.S. as filed and admitted insurance and offer unique benefits and services not available elsewhere. Each HTH policy includes access to “best of class” doctors and hospitals in 180 countries, and members have the ability to review the provider’s medical background and biography.

With the click of a button, medical appointments can be scheduled and billed directly to HTH online or via a mobile device. Members can also find out about the clinical services available or security landscape in a particular destination. These tools empower travelers and global citizens to stay safe and healthy by avoiding potential hazards and by locating quality healthcare, worldwide.

What kinds of Travel Insurance products does HTH offer?

HTH offers a wide range of Travel Health and Travel Protection insurance policies for international students, educational institutions, individuals and families, and employers and employees.

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